We recognize that humans have created great societal and educational inequalities, and we want to contribute to building an equitable and just educational system. To do our bit, we are offering our software and time, free of cost, to institutions devoted to serving historically underserved or discriminated-against communities.

Want to know what we stand for? Here you go:

Education. On the surface, it's the great mobilizer. The equalizer. It should underpin a wonderfully equitable and meritocratic system that helps everyone to realize their fullest potential. But in reality, it still predominantly belongs to the privileged and lucky few.

Access to education is determined in many cases worldwide by skin color, family income, and the gender assigned at birth. And in places like USA, where access to education is sold as equitable, in truth, market forces (read: 'skyrocketing tuition') combine with nepotism (read: 'legacy admissions') to create a positively-reinforcing and unyielding system of disparity-maintenance.

In this 21st-century world, technology can help us to right the historical wrongs that continue to segment society into slices of color. As people around the world come together to raise their voices against systemic racism and societal injustices, we must push to reform one of the biggest maintainers of injustice - our education systems.

Purpose-built education technology gives us the tools needed to alter the life course of every marginalized population, at least on the educational attainment front. The question is: will we finally take advantage of its offerings?

Every person or company can contribute in their own unique way. To do our bit to build a more equal society, we are offering our software and time, free of cost, to institutions devoted to serving historically undeserved or discriminated-against communities. Why? Because we wholeheartedly believe that Sophya, with its unique tools, including learning paths, spaced repetition flashcards, and writing on videos, can make the education journey fun, engaging, and effective for learners across the board. We believe the ability to learn, free of cost, on Sophya, can help students from underserved communities enter a new world of learning that could help advance their careers.

We believe that institutions that have long been trying to serve communities that have been left behind are also suffering at the hands of the market forces. They should have access to the best resources to help their students overcome systemic inequities. This is our small contribution to making the world of education a more equitable and just place.

If you don’t know us, we are Sophya. We build learning software that keeps learners at the center. We work with thousands of students all over the world and can help educators create a learning experience that is meaningful to and magical for learners. We're committed to using technology to enhance the learning experience, not just for a select few who can afford hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees, but for everyone who wants to learn.

Interested? Give us a shout at aloha@sophya.ai!